This is the site for PSY 120 SONA research participation sign up. Saturday, April 30, is the final day for study participation in the Spring16 semester. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SYLLABUS FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING RESEARCH PARTICIPATION.

SONA login information was generated and sent on Tuesday, Jan. 19th. If you join the class after that date, please send your registered NAME and SECTION NUMBER to the email at the bottom of the page and the login information will be sent to you.The studies run on a PRECISE time schedule. Late arrival, even by 1 minute or less, will result in an unexcused absence (no-show). Students accumulating 3 unexcused no-shows will have their SONA account suspended and must complete alternate projects to fulfill the research requirement.

Please make all cancellations through your SONA account. Researchers are unable to enter cancellations on student accounts.

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