This is the site for PSY 120 SONA research participation.

SONA login information was generated and sent to accounts on Monday, August 29th. If you did not receive an email with your SONA login information, please email the SONA administrator at:, and that information will be resent to you.

The final day to participate in research studies is Saturday, Dec. 10th (final day of classes).

NOTE: The studies run on a PRECISE time schedule. Please arrive to all study sessions AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES EARLY.

Late arrival to a study session will result in an unexcused absence (no-show). Students accumulating 3 unexcused no-shows will have their SONA account suspended.

If you cannot make it to a study session, you may cancel your sign-up in SONA up to 1 hour before the study start time.

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